"I ask the dear all powerful children to unite with me for the building of peace in man and in the world."            Maria Montessori

Parent Testimonials

Perhaps the best way to decide if Seaside Montessori is the right fit for your family is through the experience of other parents like yourself. A few of our families have been very generous in providing us with some perspectives on their experience with Seaside Montessori to assist you in making your decision. We hope you find this helpful.

“Our daughter has gone to Seaside since she was just 3. We moved to town and didn't know what we were going to do for daycare. This pre-school just minutes from our house was more than we could have imagined. We were happy to leave "daycare" behind and set our daughter on her own path with a curriculum that really tailored to her interests. Our daughter will now be entering kindergarten here in Hull and many of her friends will be coming with her. Can't recommend more.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Randy & Amy Harbin

“Seaside Montessori offers our daughter a caring environment where her individuality is fostered under the careful guidance of developing self-awareness and respect for others and her environment. We experienced a profound behavioral turnaround in our daughter at the onset of the school year after the teachers at Seaside provided her a simple visual strategy. Since this point she conscientiously works out what are good “Super Sunshine” choices as she finds the inner motivation to consider how her actions impact the feelings of others and have impact on her environment. Seaside truly partners with families and demonstrates a genuine desire to work with us in fostering the wonderful individual that is our daughter. We are so lucky to have found this program in our town.”                                                                                                         Eo & Ozlem Martin

“We are so pleased that our son has enjoyed coming to Seaside. This is his second year and it’s been even more enjoyable than the first year. He loves going to school everyday and learning new things. He has made such great friends. The teachers are wonderful, they really take a lot of time with each child and it has shown through our son. Can’t say enough positive things about this wonderful school; highly recommend!!”     
Andy & Liz Gilmartin

“Seaside Montessori is a real gem. The small class size allows my son to have a relationship with every child and ensures that the teachers have time for everyone. Miss Rachel and her team are splendid teachers! They are attentive, encouraging, and genuine. I am continually surprised by what my son learns in school. They take very advanced concepts and somehow bring them to a 4 year old level. A+!”                                                                      

Alexandra Medzhidova

“Seaside Montessori promotes a safe, nurturing learning environment in which our two daughters have the freedom to explore their interests, while they also attain a deeper understanding of how to be accountable for their learning choices. Seaside parents appreciate the teaching staff for their attention to the learning needs of each child, while also fostering a strong sense of classroom community. Seaside students are inquisitive about the world around them, passionate about their interests, and compassionate toward the needs of others. Our daughters enjoy new learning experiences every day at Seaside Montessori School.” Ernest Minelli

“In a caring and personal environment, Seaside Montessori is committed to knowing children as individuals, instilling a natural confidence that in keeping with Montessori extends far beyond the classroom both socially and academically. Here the teachers will not solve a problem for your child, they will give your child the tools and encouragement to solve it themselves. My son has floored me as I watch him play and problem solve situations with fairness and nice words since starting Seaside Montessori. I find myself sitting more in the background watching him with awe thinking that is exactly how I would have handled that. It is no wonder that my son loves going to school! Learning and development occur each day as children work with carefully chosen materials that bring abstract concepts to life in their hands, giving each child their own eureka moments and pride. Imagine the difference of learning the concept of ten by counting objects on a chart versus by feeling ten objects in your hands and then moving that number around the classroom. Now imagine these same concepts applied to language. Before finding Seaside Montessori I could only hope a school like this existed, we are so thankful to have this school which has become such a wonderful part of our lives.”  

Denise McCabe MacDougall

“Before the school opened I was able to see all of the time and energy Rachel put into the classroom. The outcome is tremendous. Rachel puts the same love and energy into teaching every day. Seaside Montessori is a jewel in our town.” 

Annemarie Stenfors

“My son started at Seaside Montessori the day it opened in September 2011 and has enjoyed his time with Miss Rachel and Miss Serena. Being a September birthday (and the youngest of 4) he is one of the oldest in the class and loves his peer role in the classroom. He has learned so much about the earth and has been working on his letters and is so proud to come home with a completed craft everyday. I highly recommend this preschool as a fun, warm, and unique environment.” 

Kat & John vonTungeln